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About Us

InkOcean Technologies is India’s First home-grown cross-border online catalog based eCommerce company. The portal is the largest of its kind in India with listing of about 1 Lakh SKUs and partnerships with hundreds of suppliers and factories in China/Hongkong and other countries. The catalog is growing continuously with about 10,000 SKUs being added every week.

InkOcean is committed to promoting the drive of Make-in-India, and is significantly emerging as a major component supplier for IoT researchers and device makers in India.

InkOcean has developed an unmatched and innovative fulfillment model by which an order placed at the portal is delivered to its customer in about 7-9 days from the original stock location of InkOcean’s own warehouses at Hongkong and Shenzhen, China.

Customers check out the orders paying in Indian Currency and InkOcean fulfillment team internally handles the entire global purchase/import/freight lifecycle. The price published at the portal is inclusive of all, unlike other cross-border ecommerce portals based out of India where the published price is ex-warehouse, and buyers have to incur additional costs of international freight (usually higher than the product cost itself), customs duty and clearance.

Having established ties with major global wholesalers/factories, the bootstrapped company is able to offer best prices in the industry at both retail and wholesale level.